Heartbleed Bug

For those who haven't heard about it yet, information about a major security vulnerability was released earlier this week. This bug has been dubbed the Heartbleed Bug and affected software that a large percentage of the internet uses to secure information. A fix for this bug was released at the same time it was announced, and most website should now be secure against this exploit.

The EvilInnocence website was patched against this vulnerability as soon as we heard about it, so your information on our site is now secure once again. To be certain that your account is secure, you should change your password as soon as you can. This vulnerability existed for about two years before it was discovered, but we have no reason to believe that our website was ever targeted by hackers. Additionally, we use third-parties for all credit card and order processing, so your financial information has never been stored on our website and was never able to be read by this exploit.

Posted April 12, 2014

Backstage Pass Subscription Released

This week at EvilInnocence, we're starting our Backstage Pass Subscription. Now, for a low monthly subscription fee, you get exclusive new content every week.  Every Backstage Pass Exclusive item is FREE to download, at no additional cost beyond your subscription fee.  You also get access to our entire catalog of existing Backstage Pass Exclusive items, which currently has over $250 worth of content with more coming every week.

Posted February 24, 2014

New Site Design

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! After five years with our old site, we decided to update our look.

Stay tuned! We have more excited additions to the website coming soon!

We hope you like it, and please let us know if anything is broken or looks messed up.

Posted February 10, 2014

Cyber Monday: 75% off Sale

Join us at EvilInnocence for our annual Cyber Monday Holiday Sale. Everything at our store (except brokered products and bundles) is 75% off on Cyber Monday only, and 50% off until Friday, December 6th. Get great deals on all of our products, including original figures, Digital Alchemy plants, and utilities. You can also convert clothing to almost 200 figures with our CrossDresser clothing converter. Get it all now while the sales lasts!
Posted December 01, 2013

Halloween Sale 2013

Until Halloween, October 31st, get 31% off everything in our store (except for brokered products and the all bundles). Fill your characters' closets with our wide selection of clothing. And if that's not enough, convert your clothing to other characters with our popular CrossDresser clothing conversion utility. We also have a FREE Witches' Hill set available in our free stuff section.
Posted October 31, 2013

EvilInnocence is your source for quality Poser and DAZ Studio content. We have hundreds of products in our store, including clothing for numerous popular figures, sets and props, and our CrossDresser clothing conversion utility.

Free Stuff

We have a large collection of free stuff for Poser and Daz Studio. There is clothing available for many figures, full body morphs for many of our brokered products, as well as poses, and textures.


Our CrossDresser utility is an easy-to-use, high quality clothing conversion utility for Poser and Daz Studio clothing. With the CrossDresser, you can convert clothing from any of our supported figures to any other. We currently support over 100 figures, and more are added regularly. We also have a handful of other useful utilities, and plan to add many more in the future.


In our store, we have a wide selection of content for Poser and Daz Studio. You can find clothing in various styles for many popular figures, including Vicky 4, Aiko 4, Cookie, and many others. We also have sets and props, original figures, poses, and our popular CrossDresser clothing conversion utility.