Fixing Pokethrough with CrossDresser

So you converted a clothing to another figure, and brought it into Poser, only to discover that there is some poke-through. There are a few ways you can fix this:

Use the Fix poke-through feature on the main window.

  1. By checking the Fix poke-through checkbox, and entering a number in the box next to it, the CrossDresser will give a slight push to the entire clothing, moving it away from the figure's body. A value of 0.25 is usually large enough to fix most poke-through issues.
Fixing Pokethrough with CrossDresser

Use the conversion adjustment feature

  1. Click on the arrow button in XD to bring up the advanced options, then click on the Conversion Adjustments panel.
  2. Where-ever you see poke-through in the clothing, increase the morph amount to fix it. Usually, values less than 0.5 are sufficient to fix most poke-through issues, but sometimes values over 1.0 are needed.
  3. Re-run the conversion and bring the clothing back into Poser. If there is still poke-through, go back to Step 1, and repeat until all of the poke-through is gone.