XD Morphs: V4 Elite


Product Description

NOTE: This license is for an older version of CrossDresser (version 3). Please purchase the more recent version of this license if you want to use it on CrossDresser 4.0 or later.

XD Morphs for Daz Elite V4 Morphs

Add full body morphs into any V4 clothing with the XD Morph Pack for Daz's V4 Elite Morphs.

What are XD Morphs?

XD Morphs Packs give you the ability to add figure morphs to any clothing using the CrossDresser program. Using these morph packs does NOT require the purchase of the figure's regular license.

Morphs Available

  • FantasiaBody
  • SylphBody
  • UtopianBody
  • Additional Information

    Figure(s) No
    D|S Version 2, 3, 3 Advanced
    Poser Version No
    Also Requires CrossDresser 3.0, V4.2, Daz Elite Morph Pak
    Full Body Morphs N/A
    Includes XD Fix Morphs Yes