Wedding Belles: Bliss for V4


Product Description

Wedding Belles: Bliss Dress for Victoria 4

Here come the bridesmaids! On a girl's most special day, she can Hope for nothing more than having good friends by her side to share in her Joy, and help her start her journey into wedded Bliss. The Wedding Belle bridesmaid dresses will be perfect for any wedding scene.

Bliss is a cute bridesmaid dress for Vicky 4. It has a stylish layered top and two color options. It also has all applicable CrossDresser adjustment morphs as well as several movement morphs for easy posing.

Fix Morphs(22)

  • Abs
  • Breast Bottom
  • Breast Inside
  • Breast Outside
  • Breast Top
  • Buttocks
  • Buttocks Top
  • Crotch Front
  • Hip Joint Front
  • Hip Side
  • Knee
  • Lats
  • Lower Back
  • Lower Side
  • Lower Stomach Down
  • Mid Back Down
  • Neck
  • Nipple
  • Ribs
  • Upper Chest
  • Upper Side
  • Whole Body

FullBody Morphs(5)

  • Flare
  • Long
  • Seated_KneesBent
  • Seated_KneesStraight
  • Short

Additional Information

Figure(s) Vicky 4
D|S Version 2, 3, 3 Advanced
Poser Version 7+
Also Requires Victoria 4
Full Body Morphs No
Includes XD Fix Morphs Yes