Product Description

General Description
Vixie is a cute fox figure for Poser and D|S. Dress her up in the included bikini, Nature Girl outfit, and bodysuit. She also comes with several color choices, and preset poses. You can also dress up Vixie in clothing for other figures with the included CrossDresser license.
*Clothing in thumbnail and banner are painted.

Package Contains
  • Vixie
    • Vixie Body
    • Vixie Tail
  • 23 MAT files
    • 8 Body MAT files
    • 8 Tail MAT files
    • 7 Eye MAT files
  • 10 poses
  • 7 conforming clothing figures
    • Conforming Bikini Top and Bottom
    • Conforming Left and Right Earrings
    • Conforming Bodysuit
    • Conforming nature girl top and shorts
  • 38 expression/face morphs
  • A Vixie CrossDresser License
Expression Morphs
  • Eyebrows Big
  • Upper Eyelashes Big
  • Lower Eyelashes Big
  • Eyes Happy
  • Eyes Wide
  • Eyes Angry1
  • Eyes Angry2
  • Eyes Worry
  • Eyes Smile
  • Eyes Shape1
  • Eyes Shape2
  • Eyes Shape3
  • Eyes Shape4
  • Left Eye Closed
  • Right Eye Closed
  • Frown
  • Frown2
  • Frown Left
  • Frown Right
  • Show Front Teeth
  • Smile
  • Smile2
  • Smirk Left
  • Smirk Right
  • Snarl Left
  • Snarl Right
  • Part Lips
  • Nose Big
  • Snout Bridge Wide
  • Snout Long
  • Snout Snarl
  • Snout Wide
  • TrapsSize
  • Cheeks Wide
  • Ears Long
  • Ears Narrow
  • Tufts Shape1
  • Tufts Shape2

About the CrossDresser
The CrossDresser is a one-click clothing conversion utility for Poser and Daz Studio that will convert clothing from one figure to another. This process is completely automatic, and when complete, the converted clothing is placed directly in your Poser runtime libraries, ready to use. Most clothing will convert nearly perfectly. The CrossDresser also provides easy-to-use features to fix any minor poke-through that may occur.

Vixie CrossDresser License
By purchasing this CrossDresser license for Vixie, you are obtaining the rights to:
  • Convert clothing from any currently supported figure to Vixie. You only need a license for the figure you want to convert clothing to. For example, if you have an Aiko 3 clothing that you want to convert to Vixie, you only need to buy the Vixie license. You do not need to buy the Aiko 3 license. Converting clothing from a figure is always free. This way, if you have one favorite figure that you always like to use, you only need to buy one license, and then you can convert clothing from anyone to your figure.
  • Distribute any converted clothing you create via the CrossDresser, as long as you own the copyright to the original clothing, or you have the copyright owner's permission.
  • Use clothing converted to Vixie with the CrossDresser in any personal or commercial renderings or projects.
Installation Notes
  • Be sure that you visit the CrossDresser homepage, and download the most recent version of the program. If you don't see EI Fox Female in the "From" dropdown box on the main window of the CrossDresser program, then you will need to upgrade before installing the figure license for Vixie.

Additional Information

Figure(s) No
D|S Version 2, 3, 3 Advanced
Poser Version No
Also Requires Poser 5+
Full Body Morphs N/A
Includes XD Fix Morphs Yes