The Stairwell


Product Description

The Stairwell

Deep beneath the Asylum is a stairwell. No one knows where is goes, or why it's there. Sometimes, a faint pleading for help car be heard far down the stairwell, but no one who goes to investigate ever comes back.

The Stairwell is a stand-alone prop for Poser and DAZ Studio. It is a basic concrete stairwell with cast-iron railings, and circular landings. The product contains a single stairwell segment, and a grouped prop that can be combined to make longer staircases. The walls and landings have separate texture maps that can be hidden to allow for more flexible camera angles. The Stairwell also looks great when rendered with our Flashlight prop as a light source.

Additional Information

Figure(s) No
D|S Version 3+
Poser Version 7+
Also Requires No
Full Body Morphs No
Includes XD Fix Morphs Yes