Spring Cloak for the Unicorn Youth


Product Description

Spring Cloak for the Unicorn Youth

Winter is over! The Unicorn Youth can shed her winter coat and don her breezy Spring Cloak. This cute pink cloak comes with ribbon and has a slit up one side. It also comes with several movement and adjustment morphs.

FullBody Morphs(16)

  • FlankOutL
  • FlankOutR
  • FlanksUp
  • FlapBack_Blow1
  • FlapBack_Blow2
  • FlapFront_Blow1
  • FlapFront_Blow2
  • Front_Out
  • Ribbon1_BlowBack
  • Ribbon1_BlowFront
  • Ribbon1_BlowOut
  • Ribbon2_BlowBack
  • Ribbon2_BlowFront
  • Ribbon2_BlowOut
  • SideOutL
  • SideOutR

Additional Information

Figure(s) No
D|S Version No
Poser Version 9+
Also Requires The Unicorn Youth
Full Body Morphs No
Includes XD Fix Morphs No