Space Defenders: Lieutenant Hair for V4


Product Description

Space Defenders: Lieutenant Hair for Victoria 4

Earth Force Command is the first line of defense against Invaders From Space! The Lieutenant serves a key role on the front lines, directing battles and repelling boarders. The Lieutenant's hair is a flowing hair style with an included head band that will complement the Lieutenant uniform nicely. It also comes with several movement morphs.

FullBody Morphs(18)

  • BangsL_BlowFront1
  • BangsL_BlowFront2
  • BangsL_BlowL
  • BangsL_BlowR
  • BangsL_FitAdjust
  • BangsL_Out
  • BangsR_BlowFront1
  • BangsR_BlowFront2
  • BangsR_BlowL
  • BangsR_BlowR
  • BangsR_FitAdjust
  • BangsR_Out
  • HairOutBack
  • HairOutFront
  • HairOutL
  • HairOutR
  • HairUpBack
  • HairUpFront

Additional Information

Figure(s) Vicky 4
D|S Version 2, 3, 3 Advanced
Poser Version 7+
Also Requires Victoria 4
Full Body Morphs No
Includes XD Fix Morphs No