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Product Details
These fully posable ribbon figures allows you to create breathtaking scenes without knowing how to paint clothing. The Ribbon figures are extremely flexible, and have many features:
  • Fully posable with 20 bones each allowing for incredibly flexible poses.
  • Joint-controlled morphs and manually optimized joint parameters provide nearly perfect bends and twists.
  • Large number of morph targets which allow you to create ripples, crinkles, and curls of the fabric.
  • Two different bone hierarchies which allow easy posing in all situations.
  • Customized parameter dial arrangement that keep similar morphs grouped together so you don't have to search a massive list to find the one you want.
  • The ribbons are not conforming figures, so they work with ANY Poser figure or prop.
Package Includes:
  • Three ribbon figures.
    • Ribbon with root node at the center
    • Ribbon with root node at one end
    • Ribbon on a stick
  • 42 different materials for the ribbon (all materials work on all three ribbon figures)
  • 14 different materials for the stick
  • 5 pose sets per ribbon figure
  • Each pose set contains one or more ribbons posed around Vicky 3
    • 9 total poses for the ribbon with center root
    • 8 total poses for the ribbon with end root
    • 9 total poses for the ribbon on a stick
    • 15 total poses for Vicky 3
Ribbon Features (Morphs):
  • 4 custom-designed joint-controlled morph targets per bone for smooth bending
  • 9 partial body morph targets per bone
    • Wave Top
    • Wave Middle
    • Wave Bottom
    • Squeeze Top
    • Squeeze Middle
    • Squeeze Bottom
    • Curl Top
    • Curl Middle
    • Curl Bottom
  • 160 Full body morphs that allow you to apply morphs anywhere on the ribbon
    • Wave 0-40
    • Squeeze 0-40
    • Crinkle 0-40
    • Curl 0-40
Ribbon Features (Posing):
  • Manually optimized joint parameters for nearly perfect posing
  • PoseMagic-style pose dials allow you to quickly create complex ribbon poses
  • The ribbon figures have been tested with PoseMagic2Pose and are fully compatible.
  • The two ribbon figures with the root node in different places allow you to choose a ribbon that best fits your specific situation
    • The ribbon with the root node at the center works better when the center needs to be fixed in place, and the ends posed, such as when you're wrapping the ribbon around a figure.
    • The ribbon with the root node at one end works better when one end of the ribbon is fixed, such as when the ribbon is fluttering like a flag.

Additional Information

Figure(s) No
D|S Version 2, 3, 3 Advanced
Poser Version No
Also Requires Poser 5+
Full Body Morphs N/A
Includes XD Fix Morphs Yes