Personal Replacement Parts: Leg Plus for Michelle


Product Description

Personal Replacement Parts: Leg Plus for Michelle

Defending the universe can be dangerous. But you don't have to fret if you lose a limb fighting aliens, or performing dangerous research! Now you can be better than you were before with the newest product line from the Lunar Science Station's Cybernetics division: Personal Replacement Parts. All Replacement Parts are fully functional limb replacements, and the Personal Plus products are designed for everyday use with a sleek look and whisper-quiet servos. Get back on your feet now with your very own Personal Replacement Parts!

The Personal Replacement Parts: Leg Plus is a cybernetic foot replacement for Michelle. It has a sleek high-tech look, and custom rig to make posing easy. Once conformed to Michelle, you will need to hide her foot and shin and apply the included trans maps for the replacement foot to work properly. See the Readme for more instructions.

Additional Information

Figure(s) Michelle
D|S Version No
Poser Version 9+
Also Requires Michelle
Full Body Morphs No
Includes XD Fix Morphs No