Product Description


Ride in style in this covered Palanquin. The wood and wicker construction is light enough for any servants to carry, but sturdy enough to last. The soft seat cushions offer a luxuriant ride, and the curtains will keep the sun of your face, and keep you hidden from the unwashed masses.

This Palanquin comes with an opening door, and several movement morphs for the curtains. It also comes with carrying and lifting poses for Mike 4, and sitting poses for Vicky 4 and Mike 4.

FullBody Morphs(15)

  • FrontCurtain_Blow1
  • FrontCurtain_Blow2
  • FrontCurtain_Blow3
  • FrontCurtain_SlideLeft
  • FrontCurtain_SlideRight
  • LeftCurtain_Blow1
  • LeftCurtain_Blow2
  • LeftCurtain_Blow3
  • LeftCurtain_SlideBack
  • LeftCurtain_SlideForward
  • RightCurtain_Blow1
  • RightCurtain_Blow2
  • RightCurtain_Blow3
  • RightCurtain_SlideBack
  • RightCurtain_SlideForward

Additional Information

Figure(s) Vicky 4, Mike 4
D|S Version 2, 3, 3 Advanced
Poser Version 7+
Also Requires Victoria 4 and Michael 4 for the poses.
Full Body Morphs No
Includes XD Fix Morphs No