Heartbleed Bug

For those who haven't heard about it yet, information about a major security vulnerability was released earlier this week. This bug has been dubbed the Heartbleed Bug and affected software that a large percentage of the internet uses to secure information. A fix for this bug was released at the same time it was announced, and most website should now be secure against this exploit.

The EvilInnocence website was patched against this vulnerability as soon as we heard about it, so your information on our site is now secure once again. To be certain that your account is secure, you should change your password as soon as you can. This vulnerability existed for about two years before it was discovered, but we have no reason to believe that our website was ever targeted by hackers. Additionally, we use third-parties for all credit card and order processing, so your financial information has never been stored on our website and was never able to be read by this exploit.